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25.07. ab 21:30 Uhr
Wolem Wobbit
liest aus seiner Geschichte “Die gibbs Story” in der Bibliothek

28.07. ab 21:30 Uhr
Live Musik Whirli Placebo mit seiner akustischen Gitarre in der Bibliothek.

Whirli Placebo is a gifted acoustic guitarist/singer-songwriter who has been actively playing live music online since 2002.  Respected by both audience and colleagues as being an entertaining and witty performer, passionate and talented original songwriter, he is also known as being a brilliant interpreter of contemporary songs, putting his own unique spin on songs, in a process that has been called by his fans as “whirlifying” a song.  He is equally adept at playing original songs, as he is in playing vast array of well over 800 covers, ranging from old english folk songs, songs from cinema, country/western songs, songs from the sixties, eighties, madonna, and even red hot chili peppers, del amitri, and kings of leon.

The most unique aspect of Whirli’s shows, is that his shows are never the same, and always centered on themes.  In the past few months, Whirli has devoted hour sets of music to these topics:  woodstock festival songs, female singer-songwriters, songs of peace, songs about social consciousness, sixties music, eighties music and many other! He is currently working on a set of acoustic disco songs.

02.08. ab 21:30 Uhr
Emilies Theater – Ein Theaterstück über Sl in Sl mit Laienschauspielern – Plattform über der Bibliothek :-)

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