2 hours 4 talents – Originale Live Musik in Second Life

— 2 Hours 4 Talents —
Original Live Musik Acts Hosted by ArrowandBow Resident
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>>Entschleunigt<< ab 19.09. 21:00 Uhr am Strand der >>Entschleunigt<< Ruine
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1. Was ist “2 hours 4 talents”?

Jeden Montag ab 21 Uhr stellen wir 2 Stunden lang 4 Künstler mit ihren selbstgeschriebenen Songs vor. Alles Originale! Kein Playback! Alles Live!

2. Wo findet es statt und wann?

Siehe oben. Am Strand der Entschleunigt Ruine.
Jeden Montag ab 19.09. jeweils ab 21 Uhr

2 hours 4 talents - Strand

3. Wo kann ich den aktuellen Eventkalender einsehen?


4. Unsere Idee

Musiker die in Second Life Cover spielen gibt es viele … Originale weniger. Die üblichen SL Zeiten sind für europäische Künstler ungünstig. Also … was machen? Daraus entstand unsere Idee. Keine Cover, für europäische SL Teilnehmer günstige Zeiten. Eine Show an Talenten in einer deffinierten Zeit … “2 hours 4 talents” war geboren .

5. Kleiner Vorgeschmack gefällig? :-)

***************** 19. 09. *****************

12-12.30 pm Mamaa Saiz – Performing his orginals for you!

Mamaa Saiz is a newcomer to performing in SL but he has played around Texas for many years including over a decade with Bowley and Wilson on the Greenville Avenue strip. He brings a unique treatment to a variety of music from jazz classics to country and western and throws in some comedy and tear jerkers along the way.

His acoustic guitar skills are amazing and he sings live with no back tracks. He has been influenced by many musicians including Carlos Jobim, Glenn Frye, James Taylor, and more.
12:30-1 pm Whirli Placebo – Performing his orginals for you!

NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE $!@# TO MAKE OF WHIRLI PLACEBO! Equally comfortable doing pop, folk, covers, pop, Irish, blues, 15th century ballads, he has a treasure chest of original tunes unmatched in sl. you never know what you’re going to get with this dude, so come find out what he’s going to be and do today. 99% Original, 1% WTF :p
1-1:30 pm Peet Peterman- Performing his orginals for you!

Peet Peterman is a musician from the Netherlands. He plays folk, country, blues, pop covers and originals in Dutch and English, using his his guitar/12 string guitar, kazoo, banjo and harp.
more info:
1:30-2pm Chapman Zane- Performing his orginals for you!

It’s “never just another show” when Chapman plays! With a gunny sack chock full of song, Chap is the consummate troubadour. As he travels the inner sphere of Second Life, Chap blends a mellow concoction of acoustic music ranging from rustic old timey mountain melodies to jangly folk rock to the latest in Red Dirt music. Chap’s voice converges with his blistering mountain style flat picking and graceful finger picking to bring you a musical experience unlike any other in Second Life.

************ 26.09. ******************

12-12:30pm Icky Flux- Performing his orginals for you!

Icky has been a musician most of his life performing in Yorkshire England where he lives. He plays because it makes him feel physically good and mentally happy. He plays from his heart.
Icky is a unique vocalist accompanies himself with an acoustic guitar. Icky prefers to interpret songs into his own soulful style, inspired by Jack White, Bob Dylan and blues rock tunes from the 60′s.

12:30-1pm Blindboy Gumbo- Performing his orginals for you!

Northern Englishman Blindboy Gumbo is a songwriter who blends an urban mix of slide guitar and Rock, with a hint of Alternative Country into an exciting spicy gumbo within an acoustic setting that is both familiar and inviting.
This Geordie knows how to use classic inspirations, to fuel a new generation of tunes to leave you with eargasms.

1-1:30pm Wolf n Hawk- Performing their orginals for you!

GREETINGS, From wolf n hawk, a folk rock duo who are based in the uk.
Sunwolf plays mandolin and mandola and does some vocals
Sparrow hawk plays some percussion and is the main vocalist
and songwriter.

1.30-2pm Untolerable Bohemian- Performing his orginals for you!

Untolerable Bohemian was born naked and ugly just like LL likes to make new slers, with a little help from the good people he met around sl he was able to get some clothes and look a bit more pretty (or so he thinks) the same people pushed him to sl stages and said he was actually fun ( or so they said ) meanwhile his crazy name became ignored and he started being known as Bo, he plays the spanish guitar and sings his heart out, to create hapy and silly moods or sad and dark ones

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