2 hours 4 talents – Original Musik am 24.10. ab 21 Uhr

— 2 Hours 4 Talents —
Original Live Musik Acts Hosted by ArrowandBow Resident
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>>Entschleunigt<< am 24.10. 21:00 Uhr
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Von 21 bis 23 Uhr erwarten euch wieder 4 Live Acts im Entschleunigt:

UM 21:00 UHR
Quinton Whitman, born Tim White (stage name Tallan White) has a unique style shaped by a myriad of influences which is why each show is unique…from traditional music to folk to rock, Quinton has the deep baritone voice  and amazing acoustic guitar skills to pull it off!
Quinton writes original songs of life’s trials and tribulations and engages listeners to journey with him on a path of life through the eyes of Tim White.  A true talent.

UM 21:30 UHR
Benski Korhonen loves to thrill and delight his audiences with covers and originals on keyboard, ukulele, and with voice.  He plays everything from Ragtime to the Beatles, and often performs with his brother, Sme, as THE FRYTOWN TOUGHS.

UM 22:00 UHR
Obeloinkment’s show is different each time.  Much different.  Using a room full of odd acoustic instruments and percussion, Obe weaves a strange sonic tapestry that shifts through genres, styles, and states of mind.  It’s sort of like the soundtrack to a surreal dream from which you awoke to still smell the booze on your breath.  Sometimes the show is just acoustic guitar and vocals, other times patchwork instruments, beatboxing and pots & pans create a sort of organic electronica.

UM 22:30 UHR
Hailing from North Wales, David Perdu (RL- David Burton)
is an accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist who has composed many thought-provoking and foot tapping songs. He has performed live both solo and with his band up and down the country for over ten years supporting fine artists such as Eric Roche and also playing backup guitar for numerous talented singer songwriters including a stint with Duffy. Over this time he has honed a unique fusion of jazz, rock and folk known as fraz.
Solo/duo and instrumental:
- www.youtube.com/davidburtonmusic
and his full band:
- www.myspace.com/theinvisiblewires

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